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伦敦艺术大学University of the Arts London, 原名:伦敦学院 (The London Institute) 成立于1986年,是全世界最优秀的艺术学院之一,将世界上最著名的致力于艺术、设计及其它相关活动的七所学院联合起来。这七所专业学院是:伦敦传媒学院(London College of Communication LCC)、伦敦时装学院(London College of Fashion LCF)、坎伯韦尔艺术学院(Camberwell College of Arts CAM)、切尔西艺术与设计学院(Chelsea College of Art and Design)、中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院(Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design CSM)、温布尔登艺术学院(Wimbledon College of Art)和创意计算机研究所(Creative Computing Institute, CCI)。

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UAL graduate program


设计新项目 | 室内
授课形式:1对1 |

¥15,000.00 ¥13,800.00


设计新项目 | 动画
授课形式:1对1 |

¥15,000.00 ¥13,800.00



可授专业:插画设计, 纯艺术
毕业学校:Camber Collage of Arts, UAL

可授专业:时尚管理, 服装设计
毕业学校:London College of Fashion

毕业学校:UAL London college of Communication

导师姓名:Sisi Tang
可授专业:时尚管理, 服装设计
毕业学校:University of the Arts London London College of Fashion



Dark Fruit investigates the contradictions between our desire for untouched, Thoreau-esque nature and our pursuit of technological advancement. Depression and anxiety are the largest causes of ‘measured misery’ in the UK and with rapidly expanding markets for alternative treatments and organic produce, can we reconcile the authenticity of nature with the alchemic ability of nutraceutical nanotechnology?

平面案例——Cover Up

I designed two washing machine covers and tried to use photography to explore the gender stereotypes of women behind these pointless gender-specific products and the fact that these products attempt to cover up gender equality.

平面案例——The Absurdity of Object

The Absurdity of the Object is a book that explores the gendered laundry product in the Chinese market. This project used graphic design to show the audience how these objects show gender characteristics through design, and expose the stereotypes of women behind these pointlessly gender-specific products.

平面案例——Young Artists

This is a project that I did when I was an exchange student in Taiwan.

平面案例——Hearing Loss

This project is about the book design of a diary of a patient who suffers from hearing disorder caused by noises.

平面案例——Social Media and Shared Memory

The project Is about the shared memory of visual design brought by the social media. Nowadays, people always share their life on various social medias with texts or pictures.


From my research I knew hashtag’s characteristic of narration among which the most evident was temporal sequence in its narrative feature. Because of the time order of narration, I did an experiment by exploiting this feature.

平面案例——Forgotten terrorist attack

I took some photos of the terrorist attacks and printed them on the tracing paper. I used a special method to bind the book, and there was a news report about the terrorist attack in each folded tracing paper.

平面案例——Remembering and at the same time forgetting

I found that terrorist attacks of the same nature as war often happen around us. So I began to collect pictures and news of the major terrorist attacks in Europe in 2017. This continues my experiment as content

平面案例——What is left? What is lost?

What is left? What is lost? is a project exploring the relationship between digital photos of a terrorist attack and collective memory.

平面案例——Design movements & schools ↯

The notes documents my study on some influential design movements and schools including Russian Constructivism, De Stijl, Bauhuas, Ulm, Post-Modernism and Brutalism.


Using Robert Plutchik’s diagram (1980), this booklet aims to explore the link between meaning and typography, especially those which are linked to human emotions by highlighting the enclosed space in written words.


This booklet aims to visualise the influence of machine translation by comparing a sample text and its translation side by side with information highlighted.

平面案例——Secret Envelop

Having received assignments from a secret envelop, this journal reflects 4 sets of experiments I did exploring colour, composition, medium and movement by utilising various techniques both digitally and physically.

平面案例——PAC openbook

The content for the publication is drawn from the presentations by design practitioners David Bennett, Rebecca May, Peter Chadwick and Kate McLean whose work is situated in either an academic or a professional context.

平面案例——Letterform Live

invitation letter, flyer design ↯

平面案例——Geometry on Display

The design reflects the theme of this event by mainly showing patterns, shapes and lines perspectively in each of these posters. Some elements go over the edges to achieve coherence.

平面案例——Mouse XY

This experiment aims to explore pattern and movement thorough creative coding. The sketches were generated with the tool of p5.js. The use of ‘mouseX, mouseY’ is essential for it reflects and records the coordinate of the mouse.


In this project, a geometric grid system has been designed to generate Simplified Chinese characters in both square and circular styles. It aims at challenging the traditional method of Chinese type design (where characters are designed individually) with a systematic approach.

平面案例——Design Action Guerilla

A series of posters printed at the riso machine and distributed among the London College of Communication.

平面案例——Interpreting Gentrification

A cookbook designed for a Chilean Restaurant


The scaffolding green netting was our statement: It reflects the constructions sites in the area of the London College of Communication, situated in Elephant and Castle. A neighbourhood under a massive “regeneration”.

平面案例——LaBonita Editorial

The following website was made for an editorial publishing company based in Chile, LaBonita Editorial.

平面案例——Signage design for a Pediatric Public Hospital.

The Hospital Garrahan is one of the most important pediatric hospitals in Latin American.

平面案例——Interpreting Gentrification – Design Research

This is the visual journal, including the design research methodologies and analysis made throughout the investigation around the research question.

平面案例——Interpreting Gentrification

My MA dissertation was a reaction to the fast growing “regeneration” among a neighbourhood in central London, Elephant and Castle, the most dramatic and drastic transformation of an area in the entire Europe in all over the years. The economic and political power tries to build up a positive effect of this transformation despite the social consequences among the local neighbourhoods.


This three-layered booklet was designed in order to represent the identity of the new London-based cultural and social studio.


Change.0k is a self initiated application extension concept.


Oddball is a self-initiated humble, jolly typeface with unique characteristics. The rounded, bottom heavy type was initially hand drawn and inspired by the post-impressionist era.

平面案例——A Line Which Forms a Volume

A Line Which Forms a Volume is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research that is edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design course at London College of Communication.

平面案例——Positioning Practice

Positioning Practice informed a series of talks, performances, experiments, screenings and workshops called ‘(Re)distributed Media: Leakage’, an extention of prior workshops conducted at the London College of Communication. This was created as part of the Hope to Nope exhibition at the Design Museum, London.

平面案例——What (Emotions) Are Our Children Reading?

Focusing on children’s literature, the project is set in a future when computer vision, AI and emotion algorithm have advanced remarkably.

平面案例——Notes on Dynamic Interventions

How can designers, writers, artists, developers and publishers intervene in the public debate and counter misinformation in a relevant manner? Drawn to investigate this question together with Bruna Osthoff we attended Urgent Publishing conference in the Netherlands on 15-17th May, 2019.

平面案例——WAY/NO WAY

WAY/NO WAY is a critical response to how standardised navigation systems affect tourists’ experience of a place by changing their behaviour. By giving road signs a new function, a narrative of a place emerges and becomes accessible to the visitors.

平面案例——Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime shows a critical position in response to the influence of face filters and customization through technology that is causing an immense boom in the plastic surgery industry and changing the aesthetics of the general public such that the youth is starting to look the same.


To celebrate the drop of the NMD – the sneaker for the urban explorer, and where the Past Empowers the Future, adidas Originalsin association with Homegrown through a launch party in Mumbai to encapsulate adidas Originals’ and NMD’s ideology as it takes a step above and beyond releasing an archival silhouette outfitted with modern technology.


A campaign by Adidas that calls out to everyone to collaborate and encourage every form of creativity and changing the world for a better one.


Being in charge of designing the branded deliverables, we conceptualised and executed the #LoveScotch event for the Indian market where we raised our glasses with global icon Freida Pinto.

平面案例——Star Gold SELECT HD

In 2017, Star brought the thrill of watching movies at home with Star Gold Select HD! This new channel brought the very best of Indian cinema with a selection of meaningful and critically acclaimed stories to everyones homes. A collaboration with the channel led to create a one-of-a-kind open air screening right by the beach at Razzberry Rhinoceros in Juhu hotel. The Golden Ticket invite, the boxes of goodies along with other promotional deliverables were designed with respect to the company branding.

平面案例——Parkett Magazine Website

Parkett, a leading magazine that offers deep dive into practices of contemporary artists, will bring the publication of the printed art magazine to the end. Fortunately, Parkett edition will remain fully documented online and the editorial team is seeking transition from print magazine to online magazine. However, their website seems to be a little bit out-dated, so here comes my task to redesign its website thus enhance the brand image.

平面案例——Pillow Music Festival

Pillow Music Festival s an experimental music festival targeting people who have insomnia. My goal is to create a context for them, where they can lie down comfortably to enjoy the soft music and video thus acquiring inner peace.

平面案例——Stressed Creatives

Stressed Creatives is a personal editorial design project where I probed creatives’ life situation. As a new force in the industry, what kind of pressure are young creative people facing? I collected and collated the news and data, divided the information into three sections: news, cause and advice, and finally presented it in the form of the tabloid. This project is not to solve any problem but to present one.


Speculative design is a discursive practice based on critical thinking and dialogue, which questions the practice of design (and its modernist definition). To better understand this approach, I edited and designed Speculative Thinking as my reference book, a collection of secondary research including reading notes, interview, dialogue and practice review for my major project during the third term of study at LCC.


This publication is the collection of visual experiments conducted during the third unit of MA for my major project. Each chapter is a visual experiment trying to answer the research question from different aspects: In the era of Internet of things(LoT), how to use speculative design to imagine the possible relationship between human and smart home devices? This work is accompanied by a wring book where the critical context and design decisions are elaborated.


Looking at the plan for future home products of big stacks such as Google, Amazon and Apple, one thing becomes clear: every electrical device in the home will be linked to the internet within a decade, everything that has a cord is going to have data in it. Aiming to bring “a smartphone sensibility to everyday objects” in the home, manufacturers and cloud service companies are providing us with a future home where smart devices are increasingly talking to each other bypassing us in order to serve human better.

平面案例——THE SMART HOME IS_____

This book is submitted as the research portfolio to document the line of enquiry into the future smart home. The visual and written material presented here documented the exploration of the research question: In the era of internet of things(loT), how to use speculative design to imagine the future relationship between human and smart home devices?

建筑案例——Learning to Live with Elephants

This project attempts to challenge the process and practice of regeneration in the wake of high-speed rail by carving out opportunities for new places and uses in a station setting.

作品集单次指导是针对需要灵活授课的学生开设的服务,可用作:答疑解惑、面试指导,技术支持等。自律性和基础较强的学生可通过灵活的单次单次指导提升申请成功率,节省开支。 点击查看