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During the Third Year my architectural designs looked at the question of boundaries, be they physical or mental. Each project marked an important development in the journey of the individual.

建筑案例—— We declare a Third World War against individual rights. To be means to belong.

African culture and traditions have existed for thousands of years, but recently have reached a point of near extinction.


Concepts from architecture and the performing arts can be transferred from one to the other, and back again. Concrete helps to ‘materialize’ my intentions of turning the static into dynamic, as a principle of transformation.

建筑案例——Seatoller Hotel-The Lake District

Our personal histories informs the way we interpret the world around us. Our past creates prejudices that we unconsciously adopt. While memory informs our life and desires.

建筑案例—— Adaptive Landscape

My exploration began from an inquiry into the adaptation of human skin particularly the identification of the primary conditions of metamorphosis, interstitial spaces, primal instruments, evolving landscape and incubation.

建筑案例—— A Place of Remembrance

The brief for the year dealt with the idea of archiving the intangible. An everyday object or event was to be observed, analysed and its intangible qualities recorded.

建筑案例—— The sublime of the ordinary

Everyday the world seems more and more chaotic. Yet we survive the trauma. We adapt to every transformation. We end the jeopardy of endless possibility, of destruction and failure, through inventiveness and imagination.

建筑案例—— The Photo-Park

PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT & PLACE. The proposed Photographic Gallery is sited along the busy Orchard Shopping District but is isolated from the surrounding activities by congested roads flanking it.

建筑案例——Island Hopping, Film Festival and Censorship HQ

A carpark in SoHo Manhattan, is the site for a Film Festival HQ. The proposal for a 9 x 60m shaft site provides a 70-seater movie theatre and 3 private viewing screens all arranged around an elevated mesh foyer platform.

建筑案例——Christ Church Hostel

My response to the brief’s title, ‘urban oasis’, was to try to create something that deliberately opposed itself to its immediate context. The hostel proposes a communal, semi autonomous existence for its residents, in the middle of an area dominated by trading floors, offices and the rest of the machinery of the financial world.

建筑案例—— A Skyscraper in New York

A double series of sensitive structural fibres receive and integrate diverse layers of programmatic and site-specific information through a process of material proliferation, collaboration, and mutual accommodation, to build up a porous skyscraper typology into the United Nations Headquarters (NYC).

建筑案例—— Water Purification Plant, Garden & Concert Hall in Tijuana

The key aim of the project is to create a narrative of place and ‘placelessness’. The scheme consists of a subterranean performance hall and archive, irrigated gardens, folly and a reservoir.

建筑案例—— Digital Farm

My project uses the analogy of physical growth to conceive of problems posed by digital space. Architectural issues of scale and site need to be reconsidered as they are no longer fixed, but endlessly malleable.

建筑案例—— Vehicular Access

My project for a library explores the anxiety and the pleasure of a quest for learning, expressed as an endless journey whose boundaries extend in successively infinite proportions.

建筑案例—— Volcanic

Volcanic form is defined by shifting boundaries. The earth trembles and smoke billows. To order to recreate the atmospheric in a static architectural form an investigation of the use of a ‘volcanic’ line may prove useful.

建筑案例—— On The Make

By making and unmaking, by constructing a series of tools and then dismantling them, a conceptual path and body of work were formed that enabled the approach to the bridge and lodge proposal in the Swiss Alps.

建筑案例—— Radcliffe Tower Crematorium

The programmatic character emerged through the recognition of the site as a composite palimsest of material movements and secretions all with equal meaninglessness. An archaeological site attitude nihilistically recognises all moments and artefacts as transient;

建筑案例—— Reciprocal Landscapes

In the site next to Beckton Gasworks, traces of contamination from earlier industrial activity remain in the soil.

建筑案例—— The Rock of Gibraltar

Archaeological excavations in Gibraltar’s network of natural caves have yielded Neanderthal and Classical finds of world importance.

建筑案例—— Mexicali Mist Space

The site of my project is located between the factories of Maquiladora industry and the colony for the workers in Mexicali on the border of U.S and Mexico.

建筑案例—— Auction House on the South Bank….

The project explores the notion of a façade as a projected ‘drawing’.

建筑案例—— Hampstead Heath Bathing Pond

Rising a few metres from the Hampstead Bathing Ponds, in the Vale of Health, is the source of the River Fleet. Apart from this small group of reservoirs, this ancient river tracks a subterranean route to the Thames where it exits at Blackfriars.


Guild was a year long programme, developing themes which sought to address issues within the contemporary construction industry.

建筑案例——Subterranean Specimen Rig

Landscape surface is an appearance, not the real nature of land. Substance is the tangible matter of which it consists.

建筑案例—— Effective Surfaces

Initially a structural and spatial organisation was developed as a principal language to be examined and tested on different scales and for different uses.

建筑案例—— Reflections

The project explores how inward reflection and collective experience can influence architecture.

建筑案例—— Re-Silvering The Mirror

Re-Silvering the Mirror is an architectural investigation, which strips bare the process of editing and reveals the complex political and cultural mechanisms behind it.

建筑案例—— Catharsis Center

The project began with an interest to find out how architecture and spatial dynamics can be generated through the study of psychology and emotional expression.

建筑案例—— Bridge Park and Market Brewery

My scheme proposes a park supported from and running the length of London Bridge. The park will create a new pedestrian route into the city and reconnect the surrounding area and its existing transport network with the river.

建筑案例——Leith Ferry Terminal

This project proposes a new ferry terminal at Leith (port of Edinburgh) to receive ships making the crossing to Zeebrugge.